Valitse ao-oppilaitos


Schildt Upper Secondary School

Schildt Upper Secondary School is a Finnish Upper Secondary School (lukio) with approximately 1200 students. The school was founded in January 2015 when the former high schools Cygnaeus High School and Voionmaa High School were merged together. During an ongoing transitional period, the school functions in two distinct campuses, Viitaniemi and Voionmaa. Contact information for can be found here.

The teaching language is Finnish. Studies are organised into courses, each course consisting of approximately 38 45-minute lessons. The school year is divided into six periods, and students can pick up to six courses per period. Every student must complete at least 75 courses during his/her studies, as defined by the national guidelines. Finnish schools can draw up their own curricula in which special emphasis may be given to certain subjects. In addition to the standard study programme, it is possible to apply to two special programmes, one specialising in Sports and another specialising in Music. Students especially interested in Science and Mathematics can also apply to a programme emphasising these subjects after they have been accepted to the standard programme.

Assessment is based on aims defined in the curriculum. A student’s performance is assessed at the end of each course. Results are usually expressed with marks ranging from 4 (fail) to 10 (excellent). During their last year students take the matriculation examination (ylioppilaskirjoitukset). The matriculation examination is assessed nationally, at the same time countrywide, by a committee appointed by the Ministry of Education.