Valitse ao-oppilaitos

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Jyväskylä Upper Secondary School for Adults

Jyväskylä Upper Secondary School for Adults has about 700 adult students with various backgrounds and various needs. We provide general upper secondary education as well as comprehensive school education. Some of our students study only individual subjects or courses. We also enable students to improve their current grades or complement their existent matriculation examination with new subjects as well as provide education for immigrants.

General upper secondary education

General upper secondary school studies consist of compulsory, specialisation and applied courses. Students must complete altogether 44 courses to receive the upper secondary school certificate. All students follow their own personal study plans but usually this takes 3-4 years. Towards the end of their studies students can take the national matriculation exam. The exam can be taken either entirely in one examination period (spring or autumn) or in parts within a maximum of three different examination periods.

Studying at upper secondary level is free of charge. However, those students who do not follow the whole curriculum but study only individual subjects or courses have to pay a single fee of 95 € per school year (1.8.2017-31.7.2018). At upper secondary level school all students must buy their own course books.

General upper secondary education is also provided in the form of online courses for those students who cannot attend evening classes because of their work or for other reasons. Online courses are held completely online with the possible exception of taking the course exam at school. All the course materials and assignments are delivered through our online learning platform.

Comprehensive school education

At comprehensive school level students can gain the Finnish comprehensive school certificate. Currently we provide courses in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Civics, History, Geography, Biology and Religion/Ethics.

Immigrants can learn Finnish from beginner’s level. They can also study other subjects at comprehensive school level. If they already know some Finnish, they can study Finnish as a second language at upper secondary level. When their Finnish skills are up to the challenge, they can study also other subjects at upper secondary level.

In order to study in our school, immigrant students need to be able to read and write in their mother tongue as well as know the Roman alphabet and Arabic numerals. All the courses are taught in Finnish.


The school year starts at the end of August and ends at the end of May. The year is divided into six periods, each lasting for about six weeks. Each course comprises five weeks of lessons (each 100 minutes in length) twice a week and an exam. The lessons take place in the evening, from 17.00 to 20.40, from Monday till Thursday.

You can enrol at the beginning of each period at the school office. Bring along your id card and relevant certificates.

Further information is available from Eija Wilmi, the student counsellor