Valitse ao-oppilaitos

Pre-DP Studies

The preparatory year mainly comprises studies which are in accordance with the Finnish national curriculum, with the distinction that many of the compulsory courses are taught in English to familiarize the students with the vocabulary and terminology of each subject area. Minimum of 28 courses are required for the Pre-DP -students. The students who have successfully completed the preparatory year’s studies are accepted to the Diploma Programme. IB subjects are selected during the spring term of the IB1 year.


Compulsory studies :

Finnish (not required for non-Finnish students); ÄI01, ÄI03, ÄI04

Swedish B (not required for those who haven't studied Swedish): RUB101, RUB102, RUB103

English: ENA02, ENA03, ENA04

Advanced Mathematics: MAY01, MAA02, MAA03, MAA04

Economics: YH02

History: HI03

Psychology: PS01

Social Studies: YH01

Biology: BI01

Chemistry: KE01

Physics: FY01

Visual Arts: KU01

Music: MU01

Student Counseling: OP01


Obligatory studies

In addition, few obligatory classes are taught in English. In case the student decides to take

Chemistry as IB subject the student should choose KE03
Biology as IB subject the student should choose BI02
Physics as IB subject the student should choose FY02
Mathematics as HL (higher level) IB subject the student should choose MAA05

In addition to the compulsory courses, there still remains free room for students’ own interest and it is advisable that the students take benefit from this opportunity. The students take courses from the school curriculum so that they have a minimum 28 courses during pre-DP year. In order to familiarize the students with the actual IB studies the pre-DP year will include guiding to IB Diploma Programme requirements, CAS and TOK.