Valitse ao-oppilaitos

Information channels


The homepage of Jyväskylän Lyseon lukio can be found at


All students can utilize Office 365 environment including the desktop programmes. The school uses o365 tools for example for communication to students and as a learning environment.

Email, phone numbers

Teachers' email addresses are as follows: and emails as well as phone numbers can be searched by name from the AO website.


Communication between teachers and students is conducted via Wilma. Wilma is the web version of administrative program, and students should check it daily. All announcements that have to do with either whole groups or individual students are posted in Wilma.

The students make their course selections in the non-graded high school and both they and their guardians are able to follow their grades, read announcements and keep in contact with teachers in Wilma.  The teachers will enter absences and course grades, and also keep contact with students and their parents or guardians through Wilma. Guardians will be sent their own Wilma username and passwords.

Log into Wilma at with the school provided username and password.