Three-phase Internationalisation Model

The Jyväskylä Educational Consortium carried out a regional development project supported by the European Social Fund during 2009-2014 in order to provide both youth and adult students with the basic skills they will need in multicultural and international work communities in their future career. As a result of extensive cooperation of educational professionals both on vocational and general fields a Three-phase Internationalisation Model was adopted and established as the basis for our international activities. It consists of three levels:

1. Internationally focused study paths with special emphasis on the study programmes preparing students for careers in which the need for international competencies will increase in the future, e.g. social and health care, tourism and service industry and export industries.

2. On-the-job learning periods abroad and other forms of international mobility to be based on high-quality standards, equal opportunities and common processes.

3. Internationalisation at Home as a means for students to acquire the basic abilities to work in multicultural communities in their study environment without leaving the home country, e.g.
• Language and culture studies
• Integration of incoming exchange students and teachers in the learning process
• Peer tutoring of incoming exchange students
• Virtual cooperation with international partner institutions

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