Project period: 9/2014-8/2016

 Description of the project

The project puts its focus on the specific field of packaging design combined with marketing strategies, a growing and worldwide market with the rather local and regional view of a vocational schools, which are educating young students to be fit for this labour market. The project is discussing the fact that global changes are influencing in a very local way the needs of education and training in the vocational education.

The aim of the project is to explore the borders of the graphic-design and printing industry and to explore the growing industry of packaging. The added value is to make the students "looking out oft he box“ and "reaching for new horizons“ in the eduction of print-tecnicians, pressoperators, prepress operators, mediagrafic-designers and grafic designers.

As a result of this project the five project partner schools get to know each other better and also the specific needs of the graphic- and mediaindustry. The working process in the network of these vocational education schools brought collateral and long lasting benefits to each schools such as internships between students of the project partners.

Project Partners

Jyväskylä College, Finland
Amisto, Finland
Kolding Tekniske Skole, Denmark
IES Puerta Bonita, Spain
Schule für Gestaltung, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Project Programme

Erasmus +