Health Promotion in Multicultural Europe

Project duration: 09/2015- 09/2017

Description of the project

In this project aims to promote health and wellbeing amongst the young that is a current topic as social exclusion and youth well-being have deteriorated in Europe. Traditionally prevention of diseases and problems has been used and such approach is somewhat out-of-date and has a negative tone in regards to modern health education. Through positive approach the aim is to encourage students to take more responsibility of their own wellbeing and those around them. Promotion of health is a welcome addition to the traditional prevention of problems.

Through working in partnership the aims is to provide opportunities for both participating schools and the students to raise awareness of cultural differences and similarities and to develop empathy and understanding through collaboration. Along with the main objective, promotion of health amongst the young, the project also adds to international interaction, participation in multiple events, self-confidence and self-expression. All this enables project participants to be better EU citizens.

Project Partners

Liceo Immanuel Kant Rome, Italy

Project Programme

Erasmus +