Mobility Partnerships

We encourage our students and staff to attend exchange programs in order to strengthen their international and multicultural competences

The vocational colleges and general upper secondary schools of the Jyväskylä Educational Consortium are all active in international contacts. The network of our partners includes educational organisations, companies and intermediary partners in several European countries as well as outside Europe.

We are one of the holders of Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter granted by CIMO. The standard of our international activities is recognized by the Centre for International Mobility CIMO with also the Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Certificate. The Mobility Certificates are awarded to an organization which has proven long-term experience and has shown high quality in vocational mobility projects.

Student and staff mobility is funded by the European Commission and by Finnish National Agency, CIMO. Source of funding for international activities, in both vocational and general upper secondary education, are usually funded byt the EU's Erasmus+ programmes Key Activity 1  and Key Activity 2, as well as the programs of the Nordic Council of Ministers' and funding of the Finnish National Board of Education. International development is also funded by own budgetary and development funds.

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