Jyväskylä Education Consortium has been active on promoting the Finnish education system abroad and we have implemented multiple successfull projects around the world together with our partners. We have also carried our various study visits to introduce the insights of the excellence of Finnnish educational system in general upper secondar level and in vocational education and training.

We are determined to develop the education system globally and export the knowledge and know-how of successful Finnnish education system. Our aim is to provide educational services globally in order to develp the local education system, raise the quality of education in high level, offer competence-building processes for teachers and principals and ensure the availability of skilled workforce through vocational education and training.

All the professional services are tailored according to customers' needs and the projects are implemented in co-operation with partners. Below the examples at different levels of operations around the world.

Development of curricula and local education system

Finnish education system has been globally recognized and identified as the system that will create inspiration for further development work. The aim of the development projects is to provide information and experience about the Finnish school system and practices to organize education and the supporting systems.The goal is to provide in-depth information about the Finnish educational model in the context of its governmental, municipal and school policies and gain good insights to the Finnish education model.

In addition, the aim is to upgrade capacities and skills of teachers and students from technical professional schools in order to promote entrepreneurship, self-employment and the sustainability of the graduates.

China: Opening of China-Finland Center of Excellence in Vocational Education in Shanghai (2014)

Teacher competence training

Intensive projects for enhancing the capacity for development of innovative, contemporary and competitive education and training practices. The idea of the tailor-made training programmes for vocational teachers is continuous development and active collaboration. The programmes aim to increase the basic skills in teaching methods and methodologies, upgrade the foundations to train and create future professionals, support the professional development within the subject-specific area of the trainee, and to provide the key competencies for creating on-the-job learning operational models for future needs.

China: Training of Trainers in Shanghai (2015)
            Teacher Training in Shanghai (2014)
            Training Process for Vocational Teachers from Shanghai in Finland (2013)

Development of leadership and management

Intensive leardership workshops and project for capacity building in school leadership and management. The programmes are focused in the Finnish concept of educational leadership, followed by training for an effective school management and the key aspects of an efficient curriculum development and implementation.

Kazakstan: Intership for Future Directors of VET Schools (2013)

Development of learning environment

The development projects offer participants key information about the Finnish education system and its special characteristics. In addition, projects are carried our by to creating a learning environment to offer the possibilities to experience the Finnish school work through Finnish learning environment.

China: Pilot process for development of Entrepreneurship Education, Shanghai (2015)

Study visits

Various study visit groups from around the world have inroduced to both vocational education and training and general upper secondary education in Finland. The visits have been carried according to the visitors' interests towards the to the unique aspects of Finnish education system.

 Study visits e.g. from Saudi-Arabia, Nigeria, Arab Emirates and Chile

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