Attractive Vocational Education and Training provides competences for working life

 Vocational education in the following fields

Social and Health Care | Beauty Care and Hairdressing | Hotel and Catering Services | Tourism | Food Production | Horticulture, Natural Resources and the Environment | Crafts and Design | Textiles and Clothing | Publishing and Printing | Business and Commerce | Management and Entrepreneurship | Information and Communication Technology | Electrical Engineering and Automation | Vehicle Technology and Logistics | Civil Engineering | Forestry | Wood Technology and Mechanical Forest Industry | Construction and Building Maintenance | Technology | Metalwork and Machinery, and Automation Technology | Plastics and Rubber Technology | Process Technology | Music

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Cornerstones of Vocational Education and Training

In vocational education and training the biggest fields are technology, communications and transport, and social services, health, and sports. The teachers are professionals with appropriate degrees including pedagogical studies and with relevant work experience. The education and training is developed in close cooperation with the world of work. The competence-based qualifications make it possible for adults to enhance and maintain their vocational skills.

Nowadays, Vocational Education and Training is found very attractive in Finland. This is a result of persistent development work we have been doing during the past decades.The crucial cornerstones of high quality vocational education and training system in Finland are:

Cornerstones of Finnish VET.JPG

  • Close cooperation with the world of work in order to match education and training with the working life needs.
  • Flexible learning paths based on student’s learning objectives and learning needs.
  • Lifelong learning skills are embedded into all the study programmes.
  • Competence-based qualification system for adults is an important tool for renewing working life.
  • Skilled and motivated teachers with high-quality teacher training and relevant working experience.
  • Extensive cooperation network on international, national, regional and local levels.
  • Systematic internal and continuous process for quality assurance.
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