General upper secondary education gives eligibility to higher education

 General upper secondary education in:

• Native Language and Literature (Finnish or Swedish)
• Second National Language (Swedish or Finnish)
• Foreign Languages
• Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences
• Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences
• Religion or Ethics
• Physical and Health Education
• Arts and Practical Subjects

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Cornerstones of General Upper Secondary Education

In general upper secondary education, the selection of students is based on the grade point average for the theoretical subjects in the basic education certificate. The modular structure of education enables students to decide on their individual study schedules quite freely. Students may combine studies from both general education and vocational education and training.The education ends with a national matriculation examination, which comprises four compulsory tests: native language and three of the following: second national language, foreign language, mathematics or one subject in general studies, such as humanities and natural sciences.

Cornerstones of Finnish General Upper Secondary Education.JPG

  • Strong local autonomy
  • Participative and autonomous leadership and management
  • Navigation & Guidance in General Upper Secondary Schools
  • Student well-being
  • Students’ active role in school community
  • Highly autonomous position of school teachers
  • National Matriculation Examination
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