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Education for immigrants

Jyväskylä Upper Secondary School for Adults offers education for immigrants who want to improve their skills in Finnish and other languages or gain the Finnish comprehensive school certificate.

At comprehensive school level you can study the Finnish language as well as English, German, French, Spanish and Russian from beginner’s level. There are also courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Civics, History, Geography, Biology, Religion and Ethics.

To study in our school you need to be able to read and write in your mother tongue as well as know the Roman alphabet and Arabic numerals.

If you already know some Finnish, you can study Finnish as a second language at upper secondary level. When your Finnish skills are up to the challenge, you can study also other subjects at upper secondary level. The courses are taught in Finnish.

The school year starts at the end of August and ends at the end of May. The year is divided into six periods. Each period and each course lasts for about six weeks. The lessons take place in the evening, from 17.00 to 20.40.

You can enrol at the beginning of each period at the school office. Bring along your id card and relevant certificates

Contact information

Jyväskylä Upper Secondary School for Adults
Sepänkatu 3
P.O.BOX 472,
40101 Jyväskylä
Tel. 040 341 4661

Eija Wilmi, Student counsellor