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 Lyseo Upper Secondary School

Freedom and Responsibility

Jyväskylän Lyseon lukio has a history that dates back to over 150 years, yet the newest teaching technology is used and the school offers opportunities for being international. This upper secondary school is also known for being the oldest Finnish-speaking school in Finland and the independence of students is emphasized when it comes to choosing their own ways and likings. In the Lyseo students are given freedom and responsibility.

In classrooms smart boards, laptops and tablets are common, in Physics and in Chemistry laboratories are available and in sports lessons new equipment is used. In Jyväskylän Lyseon lukio we seek for new approaches and break down old and out-dated patterns. The modern school building, and the close proximity of the vocational institute, make it possible to think about one’s future and find out one’s own areas of interest. During an exchange in a foreign country, students can also take part in vocational studies if interested.

Being part of the Lyseo

The identity of a student in the Lyseo is built around difference, a sense of belonging and, above all, tolerance. There are many of us and we are all different, and in a big school there is plenty of room for everyone to be the way s/he is.

Democracy is one of our guidelines and the students have a say in everyday matters. Students are actively involved in school planning. All kinds of events and recreational activities make you want to stay at the Lyseo even after graduation. Jyväskylän Lyseon lukio operates in two different locations: Harju (Sepänkatu 3) and Viitaniemi (Viitaniementie 1F).

International profile

The Lyseo is one of the official Unesco schools and is committed to the international upbringing of students. The Lyseo has multiple partner schools and international connections are cherished; there is co-operation with, for example, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, German and Russian schools. Students who are interested can take part in the school’s international events by, for example, organising them, taking part in an exchange with our partner schools or by tutoring a foreign exchange student. Each student has the chance to get an international diploma at the end of his/her studies provided that they have taken part in a certain amount of international activities at school or outside the classroom. Applied courses will also be granted from some of such activities.

IB World School

Jyväskylän Lyseon lukio is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school offering the IB Diploma Programme. Subjects are taught in English in the IB, and students will get an IB Bilingual Diploma at the end of their studies. This diploma is prestigious and is known all over the world.


In Lyseo it is possible for students to study aviation. The goal is to provide students with good general knowledge and to encourage them to choose professions in the field of aviation. The emphasis is on aviation in practice, how to employ oneself in the field and how to apply for aviation studies. Aviation has been taught since 1994.


Lyseon lukio is the coordinating school for entrepreneurial studies in the upper secondary school level in Jyväskylä. There is a “business incubator” at the school and students have the chance to try out their wings as entrepreneurs when they start up a business of their own. The concept is called One Year as an Entrepreneur. In entrepreneurial studies and in the guidance of students the needs of future working life are taken into consideration.

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