Work based learning in a company

Responsibilities between workplace instructor, Mobility Liaison and student

Workplace Instructor:

  • guides and familiarizes the student to practicalities at the work place
  • guides and supports student’s learning process with the Mobility Liaison
  • acts as a contact person between work place, Jyväskylä college and student
  • makes sure that the work environment is safe and student knows his/her responsibilities
  • gives constructive and regular feedback to the student
  • takes part in the evaluation of the work placement with the Mobility Liaison
  • informs Mobility Liaison if student is sick or does not show up to work

Mobility Liaison:

  • accompanies the student to the work place
  • makes the timetable for guidance visits (2-3 times during placement)
  • agrees the goals (learning outcomes) for the placement with the student and workplace instructor
  • supports the work place instructor in his guidance work
  • gives guidance and support for the student
  • takes part in the evaluation
  • is in regular contact with the student’s sending organisation


  • performs the duties appointed to him/her by the Workplace Instructor and the Mobility Liaison
  • obeys the rules and safety regulations at the work place
  • informs the Workplace Instructor and Mobility Liaison if gets sick, gets in to an accident or has other problems affecting work