Rules and regulations

It is essential that you obey the rules at the work place, the college and at the residence hall. Your contact persons at the college and at the work place will discuss these with you when you arrive.

Keep in mind that in Finland the alcohol policy is quite strict. For people under 18 years old, it is forbidden to use and buy alcohol. Alcohol is strictly forbidden at workplaces, at the college and at the residence hall. The use of all illegal substances (drugs) is also strictly forbidden - note that cannabis is considered a drug in the Finnish law.

Age limit for buying cigarettes is 18 years. Most work places in Finland are non-smoking places and it is also forbidden to smoke in restaurants, pubs, bars and cafeterias. All the Jyväskylä College campuses are non-smoking.

The relationships between teachers, workplace instructors and students are quite informal and everyone calls each other by their first name. You should not confuse this familiarity with rulelessness.

Punctuality is quite highly regarded in Finland. If you are on a placement at a company all employees are usually required to report to work on time and return promptly from lunch and/or breaks. The workplace instructor will give you information on possible flexibility rules at that company. When you are at the college you are either given a daily schedule or you’ll be told at the end of each day when you are expected to be at the college the following morning.