Supermarkets and grocery stores

The closest supermarket to Viitaniemi Campus and Priimus Campus Residence Hall is SIWA on Kisakatu or on Tapionkatu (closer to Harju Campus). Also M-Kauppa at Taulumäentie 15 M 1 is close to the Priimus Campus. In Jyväskylä centre you can buy groceries e.g. at K-market at the market square on Yliopistonkatu or at Sokos department store on the pedestrian street. The price level is quite same in all supermarkets and grocery stores.

You can find larger supermarkets and Lidl stores in Seppälä and Keljo shopping centres.

Remember that tab water is drinkable in Finland so you do not need to buy any drinking water from supermarkets.

Finland is unfortunately one of the most expensive countries in Europe when it comes to the price of food. Some examples:

  • milk 0,90 € /l
  • toast 1,30 €/300 g
  • orange juice 1-3 €/l
  • pasta 1,30 €/ kg
  • yoghurt 0,50 € / 2dl
  • apples 1,80 € / 1 kg
  • coca cola 1,80 €/0,5 l
  • coca cola 2,70 €/1,5 l
  • Big Mac meal 6.30 € 
  • pizza or kebab in a fastfood restaurant 6-8 €