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Jyväskylä Apprenticeship Training Center

The vocational training provided by the Jyväskylä Apprenticeship Training Center is a combination of training that takes place in the students’ workplaces and studies at educational institution. The average number of students annually is 2 500. The Jyväskylä Apprenticeship Training Center is part of the Jyväskylä Educational Consortium.

Apprenticeship Training

  • Contract between an employer, a student and an apprenticeship training centre
  • Can also be a contract between an entrepreneur and an apprenticeship training centre
    Is based on an employment relationship or entrepreneurship
  • The duties should enable the student to acquire the essential knowledge and skills in the field concerned
  • Practically always includes studies at educational institutions
  • Is always based on an individual learning plan: previous learning and experience recognised and the opportunities provided by the apprenticeship training place taken into account
  • For new employees
  • For career changers
  • For employees who have no formal training or who have interrupted or discontinued their training
  • For employees who want to develop their vocational skills
  • For entrepreneurs who want to develop their personal competences and their business

Training Based on Apprenticeship Contract

  • Vocational qualification 2-3 years
  • Further qualification 1–2 years
  • Specialist qualification 1–2 years
  • Under certain conditions, training that does not lead to a qualification, 4-12 months


Qualification descriptions on the web pages of the Finnish National Board of Education:

Apprenticeship Training Centre’s Role

  • Advises and guides in all apprenticeship training matters.
  • Verifies that the prerequisites for apprenticeship contracts are met by both the student and the employer.
  • Confirms the apprenticeship contracts.
  • Provides theoretical education.
  • Provides induction training to the workplace instructors.
  • Monitors the progress of learning at the workplace.
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