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Accommodation and meals


There are two dormitories at Jämsä College. In case dormitories are full booked another convenient accommodation will be arranged. Please, inform your contact person at Jämsä College of your arrival and departure dates, times and means of travelling as early as possible. The name and contact information of the dormitory attendant is found in your Incoming Student Information package (the students) or will be informed as agreed.

The dorm apartments with individual double bedrooms have a joint kitchen and two bathrooms. The apartments are equipped with cleaning equipment, microwave oven, fridge, cooker, coffee maker and basic selection of dishes. In the bedrooms, there are beds (with mattresses, covers and pillows), desks and wardrobes. It is also possible to do the laundry at the dormitory. There is also a sauna, for times to bathe, please consult the weekly programme or contact your dormitory attendant.


Meals are served on school days in student restaurant Kahveli on Myllymäki Campus. Cash, debit and credit cards with chip are accepted as means of payment, or banking transfer as agreed.

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