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Study visits

Various study visit groups from around the world have been introduced to both vocational education and training and general upper secondary education in Finland. The visits are planned and carried out according to the visitors' interests towards the to the unique aspects of Finnish education system. Below are some examples of the study visit programmes below.

Intensive study programmes for vocational teachers and academics

Intensive leadership programme for enhancing the capacity for development of innovative, contemporary and competitive vocational education and training practices.Training programmes for vocational teachers aim to increase the basic skills in teaching methods and methodologies, upgrade the participants’ foundations to train and create future professionals, support the professional development within the subject-specific area of the trainee, and to provide the key competencies for creating on-the-job learning operational models for future needs.The intensive programme offers participants key information about the Finnish education system and its special characteristics for the teachers and academics. By providing learning through insights, the programme helps the participants create useful solutions, which they can reflect and apply in their home organisations.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Excellence in Vocational Training

United Arab Emirates: Finnish Education Success: Intensive Learning Process in Finland

                                   The Secrets of the Finnish Success - Intensive one-week study programme

Learning journeys for education providers and school principals

The goal of the study programme is to find out the key factors of the Finnish Education system  and develop understanding on how to create a change process for education within the participants' own organizations. The learning journey is dedicated to empower and give further understanding to key decision-makers and practitioners in the educational sector. The aim is to provide information and experience about the Finnish school system, and about the practices to organize education and the supporting systems.The goal of the learning processes is to provide in-depth information about the Finnish educational model in the context of its governmental, municipal and school policies.

Chile: Learning Journey to Finland

Nigeria: The Secret Behind the Finnish Education System
              How to Create the World's Best Schools

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